Making Disciples....


  • How do I get into one of these discipling groups?
    Discipling groups are by invitation only meaning someone will invite you in to a discipling relationship. The Word tells us to look for "reliable men and women" to invest our lives into. Following this method we would encourage you to put yourself in front of as many people as possible.

  • This sounds like a commitment on my part. What are the benefits?
    If you knew you could be completely different in a 12-16 months... would you do it?

  • Why do you handpick people instead of leaving it open to everyone?
    We handpick people because we see Jesus doing this. If you read through any of the gospels you will watch Jesus handpick his 12 and you will see him pour his life into them. You will also watch him run from the crowds. I know this might not make much sense at first, but we have come to find out that Jesus is right… about everything.

  • What are disciple makers looking for when they are forming groups?
    They are looking for men and women who are teachable, reliable, and hungry for the things of Jesus.

  • What can I do while I am waiting?
    In short, be patient and pursue Jesus. We believe fully that The Spirit of God will teach you all things both new and old. We also believe that The Lord has shown the world how disciple making and spiritual family work in tandem to move the kingdom of God on this earth. Our heart is for you to see this in action so that you can walk out your faith and watch dead things come to life around you.

  • Is disciple making a requirement to be part of Harrah Church?
    Our Sunday is open to all who would come and participate in the worship of The Lord and rejoice in His good news. There is not and never will be a prerequisite to participate in this. To go beyond this or to lead in any capacity, however, we must insist on testing the reliability of people, as the end result yields access to the people of God. The way we test reliability is in the process of disciple making as this is the only vehicle Jesus modeled for us.

  • How does the evangelism fit in the process of disciple making?
    This is a great question. We see Jesus disciple his twelve and in this process He teaches them to become ministers of the Gospel. It is this transition we watch throughout His ministry that allows us to see these men take their rightful spots in the book of Acts as the Gospel expands past Jerusalem. Nothing has changed. Evangelism is a function of any discipling model lest the model collapse upon itself in nothing more than a modern day social club.