Our Basic Beliefs

  • Doctrine of God
    We believe in one God eternally existing as on essence and three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, each of whom is fully God, yet there is one God.

  • Doctrine of Revelation
    God has made Himself known through Jesus Christ, the Holy Scriptures and creation.

  • Doctrine of Creation and Providence
    God has created the world from nothing and holds together all things at all times in all places.

  • Doctrine of Humanity
    We believe that all humanity is created in the image of God thus possessing intrinsic dignity and worth.

  • Doctrine of Sin
    We believe that sin has fractured all things leaving all things in desperate need of salvation.

  • Doctrine of Salvation
    We believe salvation is received by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ.

  • Doctrine of The Church
    We believe the Church, in all of its messiness, is the vehicle chosen by God to bring hope and the message of salvation to all who will receive it.

  • Doctrine of The Mission of the Church
    The overarching focus of the church is make disciples who can make disciples. All activity that does not feed into this is activity done in futility.

  • Doctrine of Coming Kingdom of God
    We believe that Jesus Christ will return to the world in the future to judge the living and the dead.