Compassion Team Process


Harrah Church’s Compassion Team exists to glorify Christ by sharing His love in a material way with our members and in our missional communities.

Assistance may be given to meet the critical and urgent needs of an individual to help prevent financial loss that could lead to increased poverty – including but not limited to:

  • Clothing

  • Food/Groceries

  • Utility Bills

  • Medical Bills

  • Partial payment on rent/mortgage

  • Car Repairs

We may also give information about community resources so the individual can pursue the best solution for their family. 

The steps listed below outline Harrah Church’s approach to it’s benevolence program.

  1. Select the button below to fill out the online Compassion request form.

  2. The Compassion Team will contact you to set up a meeting or to provide you with community resource information.

  3. During the meeting, the interviewer and the applicant will discuss personal information. (All information obtained during the meeting is strictly confidential)

  4. The Compassion Team will make a decision regarding our involvement and contact you within 3-4 days.

Please be prepared to bring copies of bills and other financial information to your scheduled meeting.

Please note that Harrah Church will not issue checks directly to the individual. We will submit payments to the business directly.